I’m not a good cook will I be expected to spend a long time in the kitchen cooking everything from scratch?

While cooking meals from scratch using fresh ingredients is fantastic, not everyone is a natural cook so don’t worry I will ensure that you know how to put together tasty healthy meals in very little time without having to cook like a celebrity chef!

I never considered needing a personal health coach before, how will coaching make a difference to me in my efforts to lose weight?

Coaching bridges the gap between thinking and doing. As your coach I will be by your side every step of the way, listening to you, advising, gently challenging you when you need it and most importantly holding you accountable for the goals you set and the actions you need to take to achieve your goals. Lack of accountability in my opinion is what leaves people adrift who never achieve their goals

Do I need to exercise?

The simple answer is YES. Any good fitness expert will say that you can’t out train a bad diet, meaning that if you do all the exercise that is recommended to you but you don’t eat a healthy diet then you won’t achieve the results you desire. With weight loss in particular, your nutrition is responsible for 80% of your success, however if you add in regular exercise you are likely to achieve 100% success. You can start to do gentle exercise at any age or state of health with the right guidance.

Why do I have such strong cravings for sweet things?

Generally people crave sweet things, starchy carbs, fizzy drinks and caffeine when their blood sugar balance is out of control. This can be caused by yo yo dieting, very low calorie eating, skipping meals especially breakfast or not eating protein regularly. One of the first things we will work on together is to get your blood sugars balanced. Some basic things that you can get started on straight away are to ensure that you don’t skip any meals, eat regularly, choose slow releasing carbohydrates and eat some good quality protein at every meal and snack.

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