‘‘I didn’t know how unhealthy and unfit I was until I lost over 3 stone in weight. I just didn’t know what I was missing’’.

James C, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin

All of my clients are great, health conscious smart people. Although I work with all ages, most of them are 35+ with the majority looking to lose some weight and to reclaim their health.

Here’s a few comments from those who inspire me.

“Absolutely excellent programme. Delivered everything I expected, and more. I would thoroughly recommend Anne Owens”

Annette B, Foxrock. D 18

“I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way. I was getting married so I wanted my energy to be high, my skin glowing and my hair in great condition! I lost 2st 2lbs, I have tons more energy, I feel great on the inside and I am delighted with my wedding photos. I loved my weekly meetings with Anne, I learned so much and always left feeling really motivated. I would recommend doing a programme with Anne to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel great! I’m certainly delighted I did”

Emma H, Tallaght, D24

“Programme was excellent. I lost a stone and feel much better. Having the consultations in my city centre office worked really well for me”

Brian C, Dublin City Centre

“This has been the best weight loss experience of my life. I feel enlightened, Anne has explained so much to me, I now know what to eat and understand why, she puts it across very well. I really enjoyed working with Anne, my indigestion and bloating has gone, my skin is much better and I am finally at my desired weight, 4 stone lighter!”

Pauline F, Ballsbridge, D 4

“This has made a huge difference to me, in terms of lifestyle. From mood to digestion, appetite, energy, stress management and of course weight! Anne is excellent at explaining and making it easy to follow. An absolute fountain of knowledge! I enjoyed working with Anne and feel much better in every way”

Trish M, Killiney, Co Dublin

“The thinking person’s approach to weight loss and improved health”

Julie L, Sandymount, D4

“I found being on a programme with Anne very interesting, informative and motivational. I heard about Anne from my friend who had lost a lot of weight with her, it came at just the right time in my life, having been told by my doctor to change my eating habits as my cholesterol and blood pressure were too high. What I have learned has made my journey much easier. I enjoy trying new recipes and eating out in restaurants with confidence. My doctor is very pleased with the reduction in my cholesterol and BP in just 12 weeks.”

Marie K, Greystones, Co Wicklow

“When I came to Anne I was 3 stone heavier and had to use a sleep apnoea machine every night. I now don’t need the machine, my moods are much more stable and I have loads of energy, and a new wardrobe!!”

Mary B, Templeogue, D 6

“I am very happy with the whole experience and my health improvements. Especially happy wearing my bikini on holidays.”

Justyna G, Poland

“My programme was excellent and very enjoyable. My health and general wellbeing have greatly improved. I lost 3st 10lbs which is amazing as I ate lots of interesting and satisfying foods. I would highly recommend Anne Owens to anyone looking to lose weight. It was a very successful life changing programme for all of my family.”

Gillian O’B, Foxrock, D 18

“I am 2 and a half stone down since starting a programme with Anne. I haven’t been this weight for 11 years, I’m delighted. My next goal is a half marathon. Exercise is now a friend, not my enemy”

Valerie S, Leopardstown, Co Dublin

“While weight loss is not an issue for me, I didn’t know anything about healthy eating but I knew I needed to improve my diet. Anne has shown me how to make small changes to my diet and I really feel the benefit. A reminder to me that food is about being healthy not just about dieting. I really enjoyed the programme with Anne.”

Con L, Dublin 2

“My friend had great success with Anne, I was feeling very low in energy, low mood, poor concentration levels, uncomfortable in my clothes and pain in my back and joints. So I started a private programme with Anne, it has been fantastic, I lost 2st 10lbs in weight, my energy levels and mood are much improved, concentration enhanced, exercise tolerance much improved as the joint pain has reduced considerably.”

Deirdre M, Rathfarnham, D14

“I lost 1 stone in 6 weeks, I ate every 3 hours, I was never hungry and I feel fantastic.”

Valerie W, Ballinteer, D 16

“I really enjoyed working with Anne, I found her very encouraging. I have broken my addiction to Coca Cola and I never believed I would be able to do this. Anne helped me feel less stressed, I feel more confident in work situations and I have lost 3 stone. I will miss my weekly consultations. This experience was just brilliant all over”

Christine F, James St, D 8

“My cholesterol has come down and my doctor is delighted. I’ve lost weight and I am eating a much more varied menu, I’m even enjoying cooking which I never did before”

Eilish A, Dalkey, Co Dublin

“I went to Anne because I needed to address my sweet cravings and I was addicted to Diet Coke. With Anne’s guidance I have got my blood sugars balanced and I no longer have sweet cravings, I haven’t had a Diet Coke in months and I don’t crave it! This is a positive healthy way to approach food”

Niamh S, Knocklyon, D 24

“Healthiest way to lose weight that I know and I have tried everything else”

Patricia K, Rathmines, D6

“I had got to the point where I was really struggling, I was constantly tired, overweight and depressed. Working with Anne has empowered me to take control of my own weight and my health. I’m in much better form, I’ve more energy, my self esteem is better. I am enjoying really good food and shedding pounds on a weekly basis. I found Anne’s practical advice and clear guidelines fantastic”

Maggie B, Sandymount, D4

“For me Anne Owens has a common sense approach to healthy eating. I feel that I will always remember everything I’ve learnt from Anne and I’m motivated to continue as I feel so much better and lost 3 + stone”

Noel A, Templeogue, D 6

“I went to Anne for advice because I didn’t want to end up like other family members with Type 2 Diabetes. Anne helped me set goals and approach one at a time, I soon learned how to eat a varied, balanced diet with loads of food that I love. I feel in control of my health now. As a result of my experience with Anne I am now looking into studying nutrition in college and changing my career”

Emily W, Donnybrook, D 4

“I have tried every diet over a 40 year period including all the well known groups. I can honestly say that this is the first “course” that I have stuck with because I really enjoyed learning about how my body works, blood sugar balance and good nutrition. I’ve learned so much from Anne and feel very well informed to make good decisions”

Sonya J, Dundrum, D 14

“I can say at this stage I have changed the way I think of food. I am in a good place, thank you for all your help”

Dympna U, Booterstown, Co D

“I feel completely different since I did a private programme with Anne, much healthier, fitter and more importantly happier. I don’t see this as a diet but a healthy way of life which I enjoy and the weight comes off easily”

Brid B, Kilmacud, Co Dublin

“Really enjoyed doing my programme with Anne. I lost 2st 4lbs , I found it easy to follow, motivational and have changed my lifestyle and diet completely. I feel amazing, can fit in to a smaller size of clothes and I’ve started to enjoy clothes shopping again!”

Caroline F, Cornelscourt, D 18

“I guess I’m relieved to know why I feel certain ways – it makes sense linking what I eat to what way I feel. The plan Anne devised for me is so simple and balanced. I don’t have to starve to achieve results, I eat plenty of food. The programme is excellent and I am so motivated to continue to eat this way”

Berna M, Dalkey, Co Dublin

“I enjoyed all my sessions and found it very interesting to learn about my body. Its great to understand why I shouldn’t be eating certain foods and not to be just told not to eat them. It seems obvious to me now how to be healthy and maintain the 3 and a half stone that I have lost”

Tara R, Goatstown, D 14

“I enjoyed the entire programme. I found working with Anne was a great experience and very educational. I sometimes found following a heathy eating plan challenging enough and it made me think about my food and meals in a different way, but implementing it has made me feel so much better and I’ve lost over a stone in weight without doing anything other than eating great tasty food. My family have really benefited too”

Deborah F, Sandyford, D18

“Working with Anne has changed my attitude towards food. All processed sugary rubbish has been banished from my house. I am now eating more fresh foods – soups, salads, meat & fish, veg, fruit, nuts and lots of tasty snacks. I have lost all the excess weight that I have been carrying  for years, I feel calmer and more energetic”

Ciara W, Stillorgan, Co Dublin

“Within a week of cutting out caffeine my stomach flattened considerably and my energy levels improved”

Colette M, Enniskerry

“I really enjoyed it. I learned so much from Anne even the small things like healthier ways of cooking. She was so helpful when I asked any questions or discussed my health problems”

Helen B, Deansgrange

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